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10 Fun Facts About Goat Kids

How much do you know about goat kids? At Redwood Hill Farm we’ve been raising dairy goat kids since the mid 1960’s, and over the years have learned much about these intelligent, cute and cuddly young animals. Here’s our ‘top ten’ of fun facts about goat kids. Humans and goats have enjoyed a close relationship […]

What Makes an Award-Winning Dairy Goat?

We’ve come to the end of another successful goat show season at Redwood Hill Farm, with championship wins at the California State Fair, the Sonoma County Fair, and others under our belt. Have you ever wondered what it takes to raise an award-winning dairy goat? Here, we’ll take you on a visual tour of our […]

Honoring Redwood Hills Zimba

Our Zimba passed away at the old goat age of 12 years with friends, herdmates, and sister Zoe by her side. One of our very special Alpine does, we are using this blog post for honoring Redwood Hills Zimba. Born in the Spring of 2002 in a kidding that produced twin does, Zimba (SG Redwood Hills […]

Our Goat Milk’s Journey, from the farm to you.

Redwood Hill Farm has been a family farm in west Sonoma County for nearly 50 years. It began in 1968 when our parents, Cynthia and Kenneth Bice (with then seven kids), moved from Los Angeles to the rural hills of Sebastopol and bought their very first goat named “Flopsy”. As a family and later under […]