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Raise a Glass, Hop Harvest Has Begun

The Dog Days Of Summer Have Reached Capracopia~Redwood Hill Farm. In August as the heat index rises, our goats lazily lounge in shade under trees. The fruit of the olive begins to swell, and the flower field reaches its zenith. All while the hop bines tower into the blue sky on their trellis. Swaying happily […]

Redwood Hill’s Rima: A Very Special Dairy Goat

By Scott “Goat Guy” Bice All of our goats at Redwood Hill are special, but every once in a while, a certain individual will come along and grab everyone’s attention. From the experienced goat breeder visiting Redwood Hill Farm who exclaims “WOW!!” when they see her gliding around the barn, to the third grade student […]

The First Olive Harvest at Redwood Hill Farm

At Thanksgiving time in 2012, our family gathered around more than just a dining room table.  We also gathered around an olive grove for our very first harvest of the beautiful Tuscan olive trees planted two and a half years earlier. In Italy there are many festivals in November to celebrate the olive harvest, when […]